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At Smoot, we see ourselves as more than just a company. We are a collective of innovators and visionaries dedicated to reshaping the landscape of advertising. Our ethos extends beyond business objectives to align with a greater purpose – creating meaningful connections between brands and consumers while advocating for conscious marketing. We don’t merely react to trends, we set them, continuously pushing the boundaries of what's possible with our cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking approach.

Our commitment to ethical, transparent, and socially responsible practices defines who we are and what we stand for. We firmly believe in creating a positive impact in our community and our environment, further solidifying our role as more than a company, but a partner in progress, a change catalyst, and a leader in the realm of conscious, emotionally intelligent advertising.

Redefining Advertising through Emotional Context and Conscious Marketing

In the realm of advertising, traditional methods have become relics of the past. The new paradigm involves understanding and targeting the emotional context of consumers, a frontier expertly navigated by Smoot. Our pioneering use of AI technology allows us to detect emotions in real-time from videos, text, and images. This approach enables brands to align their messaging with situations that positively resonate with their audience, whether it's a heroic rescue story or an exhilarating World Cup victory.

Our moniker, 'Smoot', echoing the smoothness and ease we bring to our clients' advertising experience, is a testament to our core ethos. Our mission revolves around creating engaging and emotionally relevant advertising experiences that effectively cut through today's content-saturated landscape.

Our revolutionary technology empowers us to detect viewers' emotional context in real-time, enhancing the relevancy and memorability of advertisements.

The result is improved viewability rates, higher ad completion and click-through rates, and increased engagement. By ensuring ads align with viewers' current emotional state, we minimize wasted impressions, resulting in an efficient use of ad spend and superior ROI for our clients. Furthermore, we are vigilant about ad fraud and integrate with leading prevention and detection companies, such as Moat and DoubleVerify, to keep our campaigns fraud-free.

At Smoot, we don't just stop at effective advertising; we champion conscious marketing. Our ethical, transparent, and socially and environmentally responsible approach resonates with the evolving values of today's consumers. We are committed to empathy, authenticity, and transparency, aiming not only to create effective campaigns but also to contribute to positive social and environmental outcomes.

In essence, our unique blend of performance focus, understanding of viewers' emotional context, and unwavering commitment to conscious marketing sets us apart. By putting emotions at the forefront, we design campaigns that resonate with consumers, driving superior performance across all metrics and making a difference in the world of advertising.

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Aiming for brand enhancement or performance boost? Count on Smoot. We specialize in Video, Display, and Connected TV advertising.


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Unleash superior eCPM and revenue growth with our AI capabilities. Our comprehensive demand network, featuring global sales, Google Open Bidding, Amazon TAM, and 20+ SSPs, boosts competitiveness and optimizes returns.

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