Unleashing AI-Powered Precision in Programmatic Media Engagement

Experience the power of artificial intelligence (AI) with the Smoot platform, redefining how you interact with programmatic media. We employ advanced AI technology to discern and leverage your brand's core values, emotions, and key messages, aligning them perfectly with your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). By determining the optimal moment and the most receptive environment, our platform ensures that your message resonates where it matters the most. With Smoot, you gain more than just a platform - you obtain a strategic partner that uses the power of AI to craft impactful, emotionally resonant advertising experiences, effectively reaching your target audience every time.

Engage more, learn more with Smoot.

Our platform goes beyond the norm, offering an intelligent, adaptive system that evolves as you interact with it. Each engagement with Smoot feeds our robust AI model, enhancing its understanding of your unique media planning needs and strategies. The platform not only learns from your interactions but also proactively suggests modifications and guides you in media planning. This tailored guidance ensures a dynamic, ever-improving experience, streamlining your media planning process for optimal outcomes. With Smoot, you're not just using a platform; you're cultivating a knowledgeable partner committed to your media planning success.


Fuel your campaigns with us

Aiming for brand enhancement or performance boost? Count on Smoot. We specialize in Video, Display, and Connected TV advertising.


Boost revenue with AI-Powered monetization

Unleash superior eCPM and revenue growth with our AI capabilities. Our comprehensive demand network, featuring global sales, Google Open Bidding, Amazon TAM, and 20+ SSPs, boosts competitiveness and optimizes returns.

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