Privacy Notice – General Overview

This version is effective as of April 1, 2023

At Smoot Technologies SL, we are committed to providing clear and comprehensive information about how we collect, use, and manage your personal data. To facilitate easier navigation and understanding, we have created local or regional sections, allowing you to access the information that applies to you. We've also made it simpler for you to exercise your rights in accordance with your local legislation.

Our Identity and How to Contact Us

Smoot Technologies SL, headquartered in Madrid, Spain, is a global organization that offers the Services described below.

For any general queries about this privacy notice or to exercise your rights, please reach out to our Data Protection Officer (DPO):


Smoot Technologies SL

Columela, 3 Bajos Izquierda,

28001 Madrid, Spain

Our Operations

Smoot Technologies SL serves as a bridge in the digital advertising industry, connecting publishers and advertisers across multiple regions.

We offer services to both publishers and advertisers. Publishers employ our technology to monetize their ad spaces while advertisers use our technology to display their advertising campaigns on the websites or apps of our publisher partners. Thus, we may access your data when you visit a website where a publisher uses our technology or an advertiser website utilizing our tracking technologies.

Privacy Notice Scope

This privacy notice outlines our data practices in relation to the information we may collect through our advertising services. It details the ways individuals may control the use of information collected by us.

Please note that this privacy notice does not cover our data practices related to information Smoot Technologies SL collects through its own website

Information We Collect

Smoot Technologies SL gathers information from three different sources: publisher's websites and mobile applications, advertiser's websites, and our data partners. We do not process personal identification information such as names, email addresses, or any ID card number.

At Smoot Technologies, we have a distinct approach to personal data handling. Our activities do not encompass processing any sensitive categories of personal data. Instead, we exclusively concentrate on data that makes it possible to identify a user.

Our policies strictly prohibit the targeting of any segments that may include children who are under 13 years of age.

In terms of data collection, we do not amass any data at the impression-level via our advertisements which could be utilized for ad targeting in the future.

Moreover, we abstain from hyperlocal geotargeting strategies. This particularly applies to mobile ads where GPS might be used.

We do not resort to the technique of browser packet-sniffing, which would involve the reading of data packets from HTTP requests.

Lastly, the fingerprinting of browsers or devices is not a practice we engage in at Smoot Technologies.

At Smoot Technologies, we maintain a strict policy regarding the handling of personal data. The data we collect during the provision of our services will not be disseminated to third parties or companies for them to use for their own objectives.

We have a firm policy against sharing cross-client data. That means our clients, who license our technologies, retain the ownership of data amassed from campaigns, and we as technology vendors only use aggregated data for system improvements, not for any other purpose.

Nevertheless, Smoot Technologies will comply with legal and regulatory requirements by providing competent public authorities with personal data and any other relevant information that is accessible via our systems.

Moreover, personal data may be transferred to other companies under certain circumstances. In such situations, these companies will be responsible for processing the data, adhering to our strict data handling procedures.

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