Leverage AI Excellence for unrivaled eCPM and Revenue Growth

Enhance price competitiveness and optimize returns with the market's most extensive range of demand sources

Worldwide Direct Sales Force

Google Open Bidding

Collaboration with Amazon TAM

Network of over 20 distinct SSPs

Partnership with 9+ mediation entities

Best possible CPM

We are experts in Header Bidding, taking care of everything for you. Our platform consolidates all global advertising players, guaranteeing you the best CPM at all times.

Smoot platform is designed to optimize your advertising strategy by integrating all major global advertising players in one place. This allows for an efficient, streamlined process that eliminates the stress of managing multiple platforms and vendors.

Every impression counts

We're committed to delivering the best possible Cost Per Mille (CPM). But what does this mean for your bottom line? Smoot platform's advanced algorithms and expansive market reach, we're able to ensure maximum competition for your ad space. This, in turn, optimizes your revenue, making every impression count.

Whether you're new to Header Bidding or looking to optimize an existing strategy, our team of professionals is ready to help. We remain at the forefront of industry trends, innovations, and regulations to make sure your ad strategy stays competitive and compliant.


Fuel your campaigns with us

Aiming for brand enhancement or performance boost? Count on Smoot. We specialize in Video, Display, and Connected TV advertising.


Boost revenue with AI-Powered monetization

Unleash superior eCPM and revenue growth with our AI capabilities. Our comprehensive demand network, featuring global sales, Google Open Bidding, Amazon TAM, and 20+ SSPs, boosts competitiveness and optimizes returns.

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